May 13, 2017: Strengthening Connection to Higher Self Guidance

Louise:             Shara, when can I feel a more direct connection to you and your voice and messages?

Shara Messenger:     You have great excitement and anticipation but you also have great fear – fear of unworthiness and fear of doubt of truth  that shield you from us in deep ways.  And you know this already, so it brings you further restriction and burdensome guilt.  There is no need to feel these lesser-than emotions.  You are worthy of feeling only the highest vibration of the essence of us.  So we bid you to be in the small stillness of each day and send this prayer to you   “may you allow me to remember my own brilliance and my own captivating ability to connect directly to the source that is me.  I will trust that the guidance provided through theses writings are of honorable intention and are of the highest truth.”

Repeat this message daily and see that it will begin to open new channels within you, just as Geschichte [non-physical collective from the angelic realm channeled by Nashvillian medium and healer Angel Robbins] is working with you through the meditations.  We are all one, you see, and we are working diligently to tear out barriers of your deep-rooted fear of your own greatness.  But we are immensely proud of you as you are moving through this line of dark into the path of light.  You are moving at a very quick pace for one who did not have the remembered knowing at the early age.  Do not any longer compare yourself with those others in your tribe.  For their journey is their own inquiring path and is not yours.  This is not a race to the finish, for there is no beginning and no end.  You already are achieving mastery with your lightness of being.  Your essence shines so brilliantly upon others.  You do not realize what they feel when they witness you, but it is calm and superior understanding of their own worth.  This is enough for now.

It is not necessary for you to speak with us as a present companion.  We have greater plans for you as you relax into this truth.  In time all will be revealed.  Continue to seek out new friends in the cosmos.  We are most happy that you have been willing to accept this journey into the unknown.  It will bear wonderful fruits for you and for Frank – wonders that you have yet to imagine.  Theirs is a deeper energy that has not been felt on earth for eons and it is a turbulent sense of understanding that they can bring into your being.  You will need to prepare for the strength of that surge of energy.  Ground yourself well so that you may take it on and feel it transforming within you into a new sense of sensory awareness.   It, too, is part of the journey you have sought and, with the excellent teachings, you are receiving the full receptivity that you offer to all of us.

You are becoming that sponge that can absorb more intensity of this fire of earth essence.  There is building within you a furnace of ability.  It will burst through the exterior in the time that is perfect for your ongoing good.  As you are today, so you will be tomorrow.  Most of this journey is about a small expansion in between bursts of knowing.  Small expansion and burst of knowing.  You have been in a deep state of expansion in these past years and the burst will come, and you will see us more clearly and hear us more willingly than ever before.  Be of good spirit and enjoy this journey.


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