May 15, 2017 – Poetry Through Channeled Angelic Guidance

Louise:  The poems that have been written through me are beautiful.  Who are the inspired authors?

SHARA MESSENGERS: These are yours as much as they are ours, for we feel the essence of you as we create the words moment to moment, piece by piece, as creating the harmony of a symphony.  They are the expression of true light of god, at its fullest, in the most virgin of their abilities.  They utter the simple wisdom known by us, and seen through us, since time began.  We are the angels that have shepherded mankind’s rise and fall into light and dark.  These words are memories of the path that lies forgotten by each soul who reads them with wonder as to their intention.  We love these words of truth because they represent us and our cause for causing divine revelation within each human spirited heart.  You are on this course with us as a shower of light, a healer of hearts.  You have agreed to this journey in times before, and it is our desire that this path will continue to unfold with you at our side, because we live within you and you in us, and there is great joy and comfort in the connecting of our hearts.  We are tied together, and in this binding, there is faith of the spirit of god’s love being found by all who seek.  Our names are not of import to you, child, though you prefer names on your exterior journey.  Simply know that the angel’s wings bring wisdom, and in time you will intuit the truer knowledge that you seek.  Your path hovers closely to the true essence even now.  Continue to call on us with more vigor in your days.  Linger within us, and we will pleasure you as you seek to be pleased.  This is yours for the making.  Make the creation that unfolds in majesty for you.  We will help you usher it in.  This is enough.


March 24, 2007

What shall we make of this day?

Let us make sunshine.

Why not? We deserve the warmth, the strength it reveals, the growth it produces.

Let us create beauty

For it is within us to derive beauty from all this is.

For how can there be anything else, when the Love that created the energy of Us, is beauty manifest.

So, a day of sunshine, so that we may shine our energy forth on those who feel rain and darkened hours.

And a day of beauty, to harken the real moments from their haze and urge them to glow and grow and form into spectacular sunrises and sunsets over landscapes of dreams.

Make it so.


March 24,2007

It is written with ease, with assuredness

These messages which speak of divine life, joyful beginnings and never endings.

We are veiled from it, for purposes untold.

To learn and gain on our insights, in our time, through our paths

Muddy though they may be, Slow may the sojourn take

Waiting, wondering, until finally unfolding true passages that guide in right course.

Why are the passages veiled?

Where are the mighty who have tread them well and have made clarity of the trail?

They follow the light -it led them on,

They walked at first, with aids of branches and stones to mark the maps.

But their journeys quickened, infinitely quickened, Giving us hope that ours will as well.

Their maps remain.

Find one, study it, encompass it, for it gives directions.

Then direct yourself on it, on your path, to your truth

Showing yourself the Way.

You will never be lost, for the path is yours

which you have created boldly, though perhaps unknowingly, with your own branches and stones.


March 24,2007


With this sounding heart, With steady breathe,

I am aware of all that I Am, Can be, Will be,

With delivered time, in knowing fashion.

Truth, be it So.

In all its mighty splendor

Divining upon me through action,

through sowing of knowledge.

Bringing into me and upon me and for me a comfort of Peace within

That radiates out

To all I see and touch.

To heal and nurture,

To give its strength to those awaiting their time

With their own heart and breath, in contemplation of how to move forward

In the ever-enriching progress, the evolution from which we are stirred.

So as we Become, we become One.

One in ourselves, and one with All.

In joyful celebration of Eternity,

An Eternity blessed with unfoldment of love Divine

Bring it Now, so that these eyes may see it clearly, as heart and breath are experiencing it richly in this moment, this true moment.

Finally, true moments.


March 23,2007


I am that I am

I am patience

I am love

I am gentleness

I am listening

I am voice

I am health

I am comfort

I am kindness

I am here

I am alive

I am peace

I am joy

I am wonder

I am prosperity

I am truth

I am knowing

I am passion

I am wealth

I am abundance

I am Spirit



March 23, 2007


Divine Spirit,


flowing generously, fluidly through my Essence


With comfort and knowing

Seeking ever more from my Being,

bringing me onward towards fullness.

Fullness as it is meant to be.

Fullness in understanding, in brilliance,

Fullness in moving inwards towards Truth Expressed.


Seek the Source

It calls to me as it flows.

Seek it Well and with Purpose

For it is through the search that the answers unfold, in time, and with keen assuredness.

The search is here, it is now as it has been For All

But only the Listeners find it readily

And when they find it, they Become

Become one, become All, become light and become bound to pure energy.

The vibrations emerge, they build and turn and divulge Greatness in their wake

As the energy spills forth, always with Purpose, always towards Home.

A welcoming home.

For the Listeners, the Seekers, the Knowers, the Finders

So mote it be.



March 23,2007
Keep a True Faith

But not for Me,

for My faith is inherent, as is yours.


No, keep a True Faith for you.


Do you see yourself as you are meant to be?

Have you welcomed your destiny?


Where is that Divine Purpose?

Is it latent, resting? When is it awakening? For it must wake. It was created to wake. But the slumber has had purpose.


It is folly, to be examined, explored, gained and lost.


But Purpose is always to be found. And in the finding is the treasure. The finding is the welcome. It embraces when you greet it

With widening, heartening faith it embraces.

Creating comfort unimaginable.


But imaginable and dreamed of always in the inner recesses of our inner sight.


A comfort that becomes craved, much as flesh was craved. But it lingers. Yes, this comfort lingers, long after the flesh absorbs itself. It lingers in fullness, in beauty, in faith profound.


What a creation it becomes.


Bless it. Rejoice in it.

It is You.

It is Ultimate.

It is Now.



Writing – June  6, 2009

Written outside at 8 a.m. by the pool – stream of consciousness writings written in about 5 minutes (just dictating as fast as my fingers could type), following a meditation


Believe in your path,

in the goodness it beholds for you now and in enduring days ahead.


Live it, breathe it, contemplate it with assuredness,

knowing that all is right and good and just in your quest.


You are at a crossroads in evolution,

Binding towards a lovingness that is all,

within all,

As one.

In knowing determination you will see the gate ahead,

a shining light that spills forth from its pillars.

It awaits you.

Find its peace and rest within its secure walls.

Bring to you the everlasting love that has been among you all for all times.


You are here to create.

In the Doingness of the day you are neglecting the Who of who you are.

You are trying to Be instead of Be-ing.

Being you is all there is and all there was.


There is no right time to believe in yourself.

It is already done.

It was done in the beginning.

Now is the time to rise to your heights,

to soar over the fields of joy and ecstacy.

It is within your grasp to be all that you desire.


Your dream becomes your reality once you boldly embrace the goodness within you –

once you see the aspect of God within yourself.


There is no disconnectedness,

nor has there ever been.


You are drawn to the light that surrounds and guides you.

Let it fill you now,

with wonder and anticipation, and a glowing sense that this is your time.

You must excel, because there is no other option but excellence.

It is inherent within you,

and you are shedding that brilliance on others in your path.

Even today, even at this moment they are feeling the warmth of your heart as you believe in them –

believing in them as they’ve not believed in themselves.

But their time, too, has come.

And hope is driving them forward with God speed and fortitude towards their own newest of beginnings.

Blessed beginnings with no endings.

Larger days, larger life, as One.






Bring a day of glory,

And bring it well.

And, through the bringing, you will find that life gives back to you multitudes upon multitudes of answered prayers.

The answers are here, at your fingertips.

As you write and touch you create.


Believe in yourself as never before.

The goal is faith.

The beauty of the day is goodness, given to those in need

who weep and mourn and ache in their souls.

They seek love but know not how to find it.

Console them and teach them your ways –

Ways of truth and beauty.


Simple? Yes, once the keys have unlocked the passageways that have been hidden from their limited sight.

Fear has limited the vision.

Let those blinders be revealed for the illusions they are.

And seek to embolden them by living the richness of your own existence

day to day and minute to minute in the present moment.

Live for the now

and the eventual will come.

In greater harmony will it bless you, because your eyes will be wide open to more truths and more love.


Shower with kindness those that you meet.

They need to hear your lovingness

in your voice, in your words, in your eyes, in your deeds.

Be a sower of gentleness.

Be patient, for your time is coming.




Teach me, God, the ways Within.

Drive me onward on simple splendor,

sharing with others the road I’ve traveled –

the path I’ve earned through hardship and tears.


Teach me to teach others,

letting them live their journey in their right way

with knowingness and comfort.


Let the sublime existences of the past be shed

As tears of joy are shed in their stead.


A moment of rapture, of goodness and light

Bringing dawn to the mornings in a ray of showers.

No more rain this time but, rather, showers of vibrant light

seeking to shine itself on the flowers of the ground and skies of blue above.


With wonder and amazement we find serenity.

At last, a peace that lasts.

A peace that lasts.

Peace ruling within from divine from With out

Showering forth in good strong measure.


With wind at its sail and a compass leading North towards right ways,

a billowing mast of energy streaming forth, over the waves of doubt and skies of gray looming ahead.

Where the sailor leads, the boat will follow.

We are the boaters, learning our trade from the Master.

Sailing over the unexplored oceans of our soul, life after life

In perfect harmony with the balance of the Earth and stars and systems

our guiding measures.


We cannot succumb to darkness, because it doesn’t exist.

The waves are actually calm, the waters deep with calm and goodness underneath

Brimming with life and lessons.

It is only above the surface, at our ego levels, that we sense the waving movement of doubt and frustration.

We must dive in, deeper, deeper into the seeming abyss

And there we find the true measure of our compass’ direction.

There we find the calm resolve to move forward in loving God’s energy.


Our soul’s path is under the surface, within the deep, where the light does not shine as brightly outwardly, but where it harbors the most True, the most serene.



Sunday, June 7, 2009 outside by pool, stream of consciousness writing, following a meditation


And She said to the child, tenderly, and with a loving tone

Trust in your ways, for the truth is there,

though it lies dormant from your fears of untold journeys.

It is nevertheless a path now, before you, of glory –

Of strawberries and slides and rainbows,

Of haystacks and berries and Christmases.


You are the child that God loves.

You are the child that is rising forth to explore a new day of happiness and joy.

Your playful toys are mirrors of the life you lead, so choose them well and in abundance.

Play only until you tire of the work.

As you learn, you will outgrow the play and the toys.

You will find your heart’s greatest treasure is of Yourself, playing with yourself alone –

Exploring your inner child and healing her wounds and doubts.  When she is grown, you Yourself will be grown and you can then enter the Kingdom of Days where you are the princess and all the world is your stage.




I am comfort, so the comforted may see.

I am knowing, so that knowledge can be.

I am rhythm so the days may have sound.

I am sun so the world may see.

I am goodness, so we may all believe.


I am quiet desperation no more.

For I am all there is, an abundance of it all.

Everything resides within.


Trust the process and let your lovingness shine.

Seek it, it is well within your measure.


Your grasp is at hand.

You are touching it now, gingerly, with trepidation,

afraid of gaining higher ground.

But relax unto yourself, breathe in and find the peace.

For in the finding you will find knowing,

And in the knowing you will find the light,

And in the light you will find the goodness,

And in the goodness comes the greatness which You Are –

which We Are,

for all times.



Do not judge their path, nor condemn their road.

Theirs is for their own being.

The road of misery is no more, once it is no longer chosen.

Believe that, trust that –

For it is Truth.


All is good in the Kingdom of God,

For we have created each existence, each experiential moment.

They are our children and we tend them well.

As they grow and face their own Truths, we must let them go

Or harbor their resentments.

They are grown and alive and well and need us no longer as parents.

We become friends and trust one another.

This path, then, leads to all knowing that we are the Masters,

We are shepherding our own existences,

Making light of each circumstance so we can feel God within, feel the vibrations of all matter.


We make matter.

We create it as clay, enfolding it around us and taking on its shape, its dimension, its color, its scent.

We embrace its essence and breathe life into it.

Time and time again we do this.

It is child’s play in a grown world.

A remembrance of the love that we all share as One,

God’s love, expressing in us, as the Word says.


We find abundance in the love, and so the road leads us to our dwelling places of the heart.

It leads us to our families and our richnesses and to our sadnesses if we choose,

So choose well, and deliberately.

Choose with the knowing that it is within our grasp.


Our small hands, with clay, are molding our days ahead and our minutes to come.

Breathe life into them with love and comfort.

Stroke the rough edges and sand the sadness away

Make memories of joy in their stead.





There’s a door,

a door to a pathway

that opens within to trumpets of sound,

of light and laughter

of abundance, overflowing with joy.


It’s the sound of one who knows Inner Truth,

of beauty and majesty.

There are answers fully known

lying dormant, waiting for birth and awakening.

Waiting for its soul’s kiss of embrace

to bring it home

in the knowing, now.



In the goodness there is only knowing, certainty, life.

There is no pain of lack, no death of joy.

There is oneness with self and with creation.


You are here to Create,

to bring majesty to your work.

To realize your fullness

the ripeness that brings you to your guided path.

You add color to the path with your choices,

with your emotions,

with your sounds, your hopes, your wonder.


You are the artist by design.

So design well and with animation and dazzle those who view your scenes and hear your words.

Dazzle with the brilliance that resides within.

Bring it outward,

bring it to its fullness.

Make the day one of bright knowing.

Claim your journey as your own.






I write to know myself,

to experience what I know and bring it forth into creation.

I write, I draw, I bring.

What shall I write today?

What joy shall I bring to my being?

Each moment is a moment of creation.

In fullness there is understanding.

In lack there is shadow of wholeness.

In lack the dark creeps in and slumbers.

Let it awaken now,

rise to the moment of creation

by being true to inner voices.

Let them shout, not whisper.

Hear them, and hear them well.

They know the calling of the heart

They live with the heart in full chorus.


Embrace the truth by feeling your way to a new day.

No more crawling through the lines of haze.

The light shines forth in wonder.

Find the light, find the door, the path that leads to days of sun and rain and growth of blooming days.

Feel the hand guiding and leading to the truth of the unknown.

There is beauty in that truth.

It leads to joy, to peace, to prosperity.

It leads home.


Plant yourself in the soil of your home.

Take root and grow,

like the vines that wind and caress and become the towers of strength that bring beauty and comfort to the walls.



Today let us bound for joy

In the springs and the mornings, with the daisies and light of the heavens above.

In this field of freedom we shine,

shining brightly for those to see who see us and hear us in our playful tones.

Joys abounding through us and within us.


There is the calling forth of the Knowing of the light.

This light surrounds us and lingers long after we are gone.

It fills the harmony that becomes the breath of our lives.

In this space between the breaths, there is truth and justice, there is the humility of the spirit.


And in this space of quiet assuredness,

we are given the ultimate call for our journey into life.

This call is the voice that says “Rise, and shine with the light of your wings.”


Raise your head to the light and let yourself be on the top of air,

flying high into the aboveness.

In this space, we see below and feel the denseness of the great Earth.


We are part of her still, but we are not.

Not just dust and body.

We are the ever-enriching children of the knowing God.

And in this space of true freedom, we ring loudly our songs of joyful triumph.


We will come again and again and again until the need is no more sharp.

When this fulfillment comes, we move onward toward a deeper inwardness.

And there, too, is another journey ahead.


For the journeys are always ahead, and in this exact moment as well.

Splitting time and sharing it equally in measure.

It is a wonder of excitement in this nothingness that becomes something-ness.

And in it, we create the life of our creation.

It is ours, so we create it with thought of mind

and tend the heart to making it in manifest form.


We are the purveyors of all that we see.

This richness becomes ours for the making.

We make majesties and tragedies,

and because they are all ours, we shall call them perfect.


The imperfections are nothing but mirrors of our judgments of self.

So judge not,

so that the masterpiece can be made full and ring with the truth of the divine.


It is here, in this divine space, that we linger longingly

to remember our truest vision of ourselves.

The goodness of us is the Godness of us.


It is here now, waiting to be remembered, to be revealed.

It is the sunshine, it is the daisies, it is the fields and the skies.


Be in it today.  Be of it, for it is us.

As it always has been.  Always will be.

Be it well, today.

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