March 2, 2018: On Shara’s Connection with Angel Realm named Geschichte

Louise:            Can you explain how you are connected to Geschichte? [Louise has spent more than 350 hours in direct studies with Geschichte, the non-physical collective Angelic Realm, which is channeled through Nashville medium and healer Angel Robbins. Geschicthe has taught Louise and others mystical energy healing, soul development and intuitive insight, and a pathway to greater life ease]

SHARA MESSENGERS:              There is a pathway in the cosmos which aligns all of us who are nonphysical beings, and this connection is a collaborative love venture that binds us with one mission of protecting that which needs protecting and increasing that which is to be created in growth. From this web, there is a presence of continuous love, and we ease into and out of that web as our need is felt and wanted.  This is the fabric of all that is, and we are indelibly connected to it. And there are threads that connect us to you in physical form also.

From this pattern, the entities you lovingly call Geschichte are master in their domain of the region overseeing humanity at the broadest level.  Overseers of the creation from the ground up.  Seeking to know humanity through the nature of mother earth and spreading the gospel of creationism within our own selves.  Humans have long encountered Geschichte through many times and through many names.  They shift in shape and size depending on the need that humanity has for them. They are quiet masters who are overlooked by those who see only the archangel realm, but theirs is a powerful domination of good, and their entity grows as creation awakens more to the soul’s heart calling.

We are honored to serve beside them as we help you fulfill your mission.  We called them unto you when you were in the birthing stage of your new life.  It was our divine mission to provide you direct guidance, because it is what you wished and this calling was heard by us, your overseers and protectors at the closest level.  We are the aspect of you that has been within you at all times. We flow through you in your mastery state. We are the essence of that which is the brilliant culmination of your lifetimes – the energy of you at your grandest self. This is a hard picture to paint so we are careful with our words, because we are not your guides nor your angels, and, yet, we are not your highest self. We are the growing aspect of you that has always been but has yet to be formed.  The desire of you at your mastery – the highest elevation of the soul entity with whom we are connected.

We are with you now and always because we are what you are becoming in the fullest form.  And this is the understanding that we leave you. That as you grow and evolve, so do we. So, we have a vested love and cherishment for what you are bringing unto yourself. For as you enhance that which is the deepest knowing of you, then we also enhance.  As you breathe in the freshness of new life that is burgeoning forth from you, then we expand also. For we are tied together, you and us as one, and in each incarnation there is greater fervor in this quest to grow and stretch. And, so, we become wiser and fuller and more of the all that is.

And in the knowing of Geschichte, we then are helping you extract the knowledge needed so that you can travel this journey alone into your own greatness.  You follow the light now through the darkness and soon, whether it is to be this time or others that are emerging even now, your expansion fields white light at a brighter height. And into that, you wander, and others will then follow you as they follow Angel. And the cycle will repeat itself over and over again, as others then lead their flock.  It is a commitment you made with others in this lifetime plan, and you are fulfilling your expectation of self, and through that, you cannot lose.  You are winning in your seated desire to ground yourself to that which calls you home.  You are embarking on a deeper dive into the clarity of the universe, and in the feeling state of us, you will evolve at a much faster rate.

We honor your teachers who come to planet earth in human expression, for your teachers are wise ones who we love and deeply honor.  They have helped Angel find her own mastery and the others who serve with you.  These wise teachers connect to us as they need when deep messages are being asked of you.  The experience with Frank was a collective union of all of us, and of his guidance, and traditional angels that you would encounter in the other world.  We called upon them, in turn, because the asking was great. And you prevailed, as did he, and we are exceedingly proud of how that venture unfolded for greatest healing.  Geschichte led this effort with us as the backup, if you will, for they knew at the human level the pull that this was having on the heartaches of you and of Frank.  When health was suffering, they brought us in to have us quicken the episode that led to the final unfolding.  You were silent with us during much of that time, so there was little we could do to fully embrace you as we desired most to do. But we knew with deep understanding that you had chosen this lesson to experience on your own, and we surrendered unto you until the ask was given to us by your teachers.  We revere them for helping this journey unfold.

And we revere them now for how they continue to encourage you to connect with us. For we are here for you, and we are teachers also, but ours is a deeper connection because there is no separateness from you and us. We live and die together, if you will, though, of course, the dying is not an existence but an illusion. But in the dying you are transforming, and we are with you still and journey into the next encounter and build with you as you strengthen and harness your own power of Mastery.

So, has this helped you to understand how we are all connected yet are separate from your masters? We are you in the creation of the greater of you, the yet unborn, unfinished you, the apex of you who is to come but is not yet finished in its creation.  So, we give you love for what you unfold to become, because we are part and parcel in that.


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