March 4, 2018: On Tempering the Soul

Louise:            What is the role of tempering for our soul?

SHARA MESSENGERS:       The soul is the masterpiece of the art that resides within the frame of the nature of the expansive universe. It is yours, and yours alone, to create the canvas that depicts the beautiful expression you seek to behold to yourself and to the Creation. On this canvas is the measurement of all that extends yourself to become, and within it is the fleck of the lifeforce that resides in the heart of your essence – that spark of life that requires you to become the still component in harmony with the Earth and the Divinity of all that is.

This Divinity is the heartblood and heartbeat of you in human expressing form. And from it you derive the estimation of your fulfilled self in each life expression. The tempering of which you speak is how you harmonize your human circumstance with the circumstance that is the Grandest Awakened Self.

It is the stair-step ladder that helps you towards ascension into your greatest beingness. This tempering is like a weathervane that is staked into the earth, and it blows with great force as it is new in the fertile soil and it blows east and west, north and south with ease as it flows along with the shifting weather patterns.  It has no shore of its own measure but instead is influenced solely by what is outside of itself. The forces of nature call it upon to be weak in itself and to have no backbone of strength to create its own measurement of what it stands for and where it seeks to point its direction for its path of life.  This weathervane is hearty in its physical strength but weak in its stamina for relying on its own self-direction.  So, it makes it useful as a tool for some, but it is rather ill-equipped on its own to guide itself forward.  So, in this example, humans are, in many aspects, like the weathervane, in that mankind will move in one direction and the next with rapid ease, simply because man is following what is being given to him by outside forces of people and circumstances.  He blows here and there, never having a clear direction and a path of meaningful measure forward. Progress, therefore, can be quite slow or haphazard at best because directions change as the wind blows, so to speak.

The navigation for man is difficult in his life journey.  He is not grounded and rooted in his own course that is in alignment with his soul’s greatest desires.  He lost his roadmap at the beginning of the journey, because he was not told that he needed one to follow.  So, he follows others. And that often leads him astray in his decision-making.

The tempering of the soul is the measure in which man can quiet himself and attune himself to the deeper knowledge that is his innate guidepost.  When he can become grounded deep into the soil that can truly affix him to his deepest link to his highest self, then man can begin slowing down the beat of his fast race in life.  He can stop moving in the directions sought of him by others. He can stop following every course that hits him in the face as a sharp wind hits the weathervane.

Man can, in his tempered state, find a solace in his own understanding. And in that understanding, he feels into himself and finds the comfortable peace that drives him onward through his own true measurement of self.  He is not shaped by that which is outside of himself. Rather, those desires deepest within him become the beckoning sounds which move him forward.  He feels into that nature of him, the soul nature of him, and he quiets his thoughts and slows his pace.  He finds greater acceptance of his own self, and in that, there is rich reward. There is rich beauty. There is a lightness that emerges out of the weathered and beaten and muddy path that he had previously worn for himself.

This new path is the new compass that finds harmony.  There is less resistance, so the path is easier.  There is less judgment, so the path is richer with companions of love and harmony. The path is deeper in its context, so meaning derives itself out of everything, even the simplest of matters.  And that path is clear. And though it may not be easy, for challenges emerge for every human on any quest in any life, but the clarity is there in his mind’s eye that this, too, shall pass. And once passed, the path is clear forward, and the next crossing of seeming-hardship will also be passed, and so on and so on, and the unfolding journey wraps into itself a smoother walk that is rich in design and tempered in love.

And this is the foundation for the ever-expansive harmony that ripens life after life into an extreme journey.  And the oneness reveals itself as the ever-expansion of the living soul.  And this soul, in cooperation with all of its components from All Universal Mind, can dwell in its house with great wisdom and continued expansion.

This is the mystery of the tempering that is to be had by humankind.  When we weather the storms of our lives, and we seek in vain for the truth there are encounters with the living spirit.  So, lend yourself to those who are still serving their life within the weathervane experience that is the topsoil of life that is not deeply rooted.

Help them find ways to dig deeper and root themselves as the true guidepost of their own experience.  Their journey will foster greater importance for your own journey, as you will expand with greater rapidness as you guide others into themselves.


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