March 6, 2018: On Becoming My Higher Self

Louise:            Do you have information or guidance you would like to share today?

SHARA MESSENGERS:              Indeed we do, and we are grateful for the asking.  It is pleasurable to come together for the unfolding of the soul advancement, is it not? And as you delve deeper into the knowing of us and, thus, the knowing of Self, you will burgeon into the radiant being that we have in store for you.  We have witnessed you at the pinnacle of your depths, a juxtaposition, is it not, the pinnacle or the highest of your depths which are the recesses within that connect you to Source.  And it is magnificent and powerful.  So, our message for you is to peer deeper in the quiet as you are doing now.

Get to know the radical changes that have occurred within you of late.  Feel into them and marvel at how transformed you have become in your beingness.  Witness the calm and the flavor of the warmth that radiates from you.  Be in the space of quiet to feel the bravery that you emit as you walk a different path from most of those around you.  You seem not to be different, but for those of us who can sense the fullness of spirit, we feel the difference.  And it is time for you to embrace yourself as you’ve become today.

The smallness has served its time, and then some.  You are still afraid to be bold in undertaking the healing and the insight readings that you desire most.  You choose not to be a leader, but it is who you actually chose to be in this lifetime pattern of yours and ours.  You have led others well with a strong stand through jungles of uncertainty.  Where there was not a clear path, you helped to forge one in many of the undertakings in your progessional life.  You led with a strong stick and a knowing hand.  Your aim was high, and you had strong success.  You were proud of yourself in those days, and there was a charge of energy that ran through you that kept you in the flow of your life.

And now you are in a radically different space.  Your path is yours alone, except for the tribe of teachers. But, in essence, it is your path to create as you created others.  Be brave today, Louise.  Hold the stick of certainty in your hand and sharpen its leading edge.  Point it in the direction you seek to go, which is to be known as a master and a teacher.  It is scary for you, we know.  We feel it even now.  For you do not want to fail, and you feel in your core that you are not yet ready to be an example as a true healer.

You look around at others and wonder how it is they have touched into their confidence, and you question whether they actually know something more than you. In actuality, they may know much less, because they have worked on themselves a mere fraction of the way that you and your friends have worked on themselves.  They cannot touch into the deepest recesses of their heart’s desires and penetrate into that core.  They are stifled as true change agents in the healing world, but their outer confidence drives them on, and so they succeed at their own game.

Now is the time for you to succeed at your own play.  And it will be powerful, because you have gained the inner wisdom to make it so.  Think upon all that you have gained in understanding.  We have been with you in visual presence at your core since that fateful night in 2007.  You have healed your son.  You have healed your marriage.  You have healed your mother.  You have healed clients.  You know how to heal yourself.  There is not much else that is needed in order for you to venture out into the first step of the awakened self in public.

You can achieve a place of brave stance when you are willing to go there.  If you need friends to pull you along, then ask that of them.  But know this, that you do not have to do what they do.  You do not have to be financially gained from this endeavor, for you have other means by which you attract wealth into your life.  You can do this for play and by doing it for play, you can set yourself at ease and not worry about the worth of it.  But by seeking some form of contribution in terms of gratitude or exchange, then you will have a balanced approach in your serving of others and humanity.  Is this clear to you?

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