March 7, 2018: On Delving into the Magical Dream State

Louise:            What can you tell me about my dream state and my proclivity in dream recall?

SHARA MESSENGERS:        There is an indelible quality to the dream life, is there not? Don’t you feel the waves of magic as they hit your thoughts and feeling states? And that rocky shore of waking life peters out as the calm depths of the ocean of dreams hits you like the tidal wave at its surface, because it is so strong and clear. But in the deeper depths of it there is the soft resonance of that which feels comforting and likened to the Home state of you.

For in this state, you are the most free and the most collaborative with the selves of you that are spinning this life-expansive journey into the ethers of your soul.  You are the dream maiden, so you liken yourself to the mermaid who is in the enchanted village of life, and there is the ease and the flow.

There is symmetry between waking life and dream life. That which is real in waking life (though we will say it is all the grand illusion) but that which is in the waking life is as strong in the dreaming life.  One is not greater or lesser than. And we know this surprises you at your core, because we feel your rejection of this measure of our words. But listen to us closely on this, for the dream cycles that you experience in your sate of sleep each night are the pivotal catalysts that help to move you ahead in the waking life.

They are the motor on the boat which is you. For without them, you would not have the clear channel to your Home, which is the All of you. So, in the sleepened state, you relax into that which is the grander part of Self, and you ease into the dreams, where you envision your life, and you perform roles in your mind’s eye, and you feel expressions of the fears and joys that you hold close to you in waking life.  You experience those through the dream state, so that in the waking life you are better equipped to handle the barrage that waking life brings to you.

As the computer processor, the dream state is the intel behind the computer screen, being able to create the words and images which you are in thoughtful control of.  You are not in control of the dynamic intel of microchips and electronics in the computer in waking life. But in the dream state, you are both the computer and the human who uses the computer and manipulates its capabilities so that they strengthen your aim for what you are seeking to create and produce.  You are both computer and man, so to speak.  So, with this information you can understand more clearly that the dream state is, in fact, the deepest lifeblood of who you are.  For, it is the machine that has all of the tools by which you, as waking-life-Louise, can then endeavor into your growth on your new paths.

So, it is very wise for you to continue to manipulate yourself in the dream states by seeking to open the doors and evaluate what it is you are creating and feeling.  In the state of lucidity, which you desire to move into with greater fervor and which you, indeed, will move into, you are free to explore even greater realms than you have already. For as you are able to twist the outcomes of the dreams through your own power and will, you will gain understanding of how to emulate that same strength in waking life.

And you will be tapping into that which is the highest essence of your creative pattern as a living soul.  For we know that you have deep desires to perform magic in the waking life and to transform physical manifested states by your will. And, so, by being the diligent student of the dream world of yours, you will harness your ever-living gifts from Spirit and will be able to volley those into the waking life with great ease.

Few have harnessed their powers in this realm. It is a shame, really, because there is a deep sacred space that is emitting at all times in the darkest, yet brightest, recesses of the soul-within that lies in the dream world.  It is awakened by those who call it forth, and it can aid you as an important guide, if you are clever enough to move over the wall that encloses it.  You are finding the passageway even now into that secret chamber, and by working with us regularly to embrace the aspect of you which is not afraid but is the explorer-at-heart, you will venture into it.

You can then cross into other aspects of yourself with ease and will have cognitive knowing of what you are doing.  You will have the ability to cross over into the other lives that are occurring in this same time dimension, and in that wonderland, you will get to know yourself at a much loved and familiar level and will watch in wonder who you are and why you behave in certain ways in this realm, because of the ties to the other one.

This is a scary thought for you, we feel, because you are uncertain of its context, but we can assure you that with time and patience and diligence you will crave the desire to move into those shores of magical wonder, because you seek to be a grand adventurer, and for you, this may be the most grand of all.

And yes, to answer the thought you have now, you will be entering into the cosmic realm as well, where you may feel the presence of guides and angels and spirits.  Though we do not actually dwell in the darkened space which you see in your mind’s eye, we can present ourselves in the true light in which we exist.  There is joy beyond measure in what you will feel, and mostly it will be a feeling state for you, the orgasmic state which you experience in your physical form during the flying occurrences that you love so deeply.

Louise:            That was beautiful.  What else can I do to incorporate into that which you speak of?

SHARA MESSENGERS:      Have the presence of mind to ask for this gift as you move into sleep.  Connect with the deepest desires of you, and have it be known that you desire a more intrinsic connection, for, as you have felt and guessed, there are dreams much deeper than those you bring to light in the night.  The chambers beyond chambers where the deepest inner workings occur.  And you have not yet resonated at the energetic pattern to be able to recall those.  They are in your energetic field, and you often feel that you are touching the edges of some of these that have the most meaning, and you are correct in this assumption.  There is more.  It is a blessing to be able to touch into them.  For they are the sacred queen of your existence.  They are you combined with source at its highest.

So, the dreams you have in your recall sessions pale in comparison with the magnitude of what these feel like and how they present themselves.  It is the difference between the queen bee and the worker bees.  You have found the nest. That was step one, and that has been highly enlightening and flavorful for you in your waking life.  And your dream life also is very excited and tantalized that you have tapped into it.  It has its own energy, and it feels your presence as you search within and recognize it.  It feels validated, and in this, there is gratitude.  So, you have found the nest and that is indeed good.  And you have begun connecting with the worker bees which are active at all times.  These represent the dreams that you recall night after night.  The dreams themselves are very active, are they not, similar to the working bees who are always moving and churning and creating and seemingly doing nothing but somehow are creating the nest and, therefore, the honey as the sustenance of life?

So, now it is time to solidify your experiences and relationship with the hive of bees, so that you are working in unison with them and are easily seen and perceived as one of them.  Then the third and important step will be for you to quiet yourself in the extreme, so that you may seek out, and witness, and touch, and then become the queen bee.  In her presence, you will feel the awe of creation, for it is large and grand, as it would have to be in order to sustain the entire multitudes within the hive.  But the queen, as any queen bee is, is highly protected.  And the force of the protectors will only allow her to be revealed when there is certainty that she is safe and that she will be revered for who she is.

So that is your role now, to become tempered by submitting into yourself the state of clam knowing, the state of peaceful surrender, and the state of awakened desire that you can tap into the recesses of the secret chamber and extend yourself wholly into that state of being.  Once that is unlocked, you will experience mysteries of the universe, and you will find an anointing that blesses you beyond measure.  This is good.

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