March 8, 2018: On Mind’s Eye Intuitive Visualization

Louise:            How is it that I can improve the opening of my mind’s eye and visual understanding when I am performing energy healing?

SHARA MESSENGERS:           We are most interested in this choice of topic of gaining visual stimulation and perception abilities, which is, at your core, one of the strong innate gifts that you have and are here to cultivate.  Your sensing ability is strong, as you already know. And, of course, we came to you through the visual pattern of time and, in time, you, too, will be able to cross over in that that plateau where the visual messages are delivered.  It is likened to you getting on the right subway at the station.  There are many trains moving in various directions on different tracks, and it is yours as the passenger to connect with the right train at the right time, so you may move in the direction you desire.

For your sensing ability, you have harbored a belief that you are a strong sensor, because we fed into you the entire power of us during that first encounter, and you delved into the deliciousness of the feeling state of the energy vibrating through you and around you.  You craved that warmth of vibration afterwards, and it was your desire to continue receiving it in manifest form that allowed you to cultivate further.  You are remembering that you began practicing the feeling state of vibration within your hands, placing balls of energy and moving them back and forth as you are now witnessing it in your mind’s eye as we speak it to you.  So, you began cultivating this inner gift within you, and you desired it at a fervent speed of desire.  This began the actualization for you, so that you opened channels within your connectedness to Source that drove you into the recesses of that ability.  And now you are a fairly enlightened student, are you not? You feel strong in your sensing ability, and though there is much to be improved upon with time, so that you can pinpoint with exactness that which is stuck energy in others, you are cultivating fertile ground for yourself.  So, you caught that train of sensing, and you allowed it to run its course and lead you to the destination of cultivated-mastery teaching.

Now, too, is your ability to catch the train on the subway of experience into the realms of visualization-sensing.  Do not be meek in your desire for this ability. Do not minimize your abilities.  Be strong as the passenger who has purchased a ticket.  State firmly the desire to visually see the images that can depict a story of what is occurring in others and in yourself.  Once the ticket of desire has been printed and is held tightly in hand, then you can ask for the proper train to arrive to whisk you into the new passage.  This journey takes times to cultivate, but you may begin with stating it as a deep heart desire.  You have been studying heart’s desires with your master teachers, so it is good timing for you to be questioning us about this for you.

State the desire and begin accessing the feeling state of what it feels like when you visually explore the dimensions within your highest self that elevate your understanding of the healing you are directing towards yourself or others.  In this space of feeling, you will begin opening the pathways that are marked within the brain area and which extend throughout the meridians in the physical body.  These structures may be opened with practice, as they are stretched into greater attunement with your asking.  These passageways feel into themselves as they are used, and they expand and evolve the conscious connection you have with Source.  This connection allows the images to emit with greater and greater velocity.  And in that, the images will become more and more clear.

There is a strong focus that is needed, but at the same time there must be a relaxing, a letting go, so that the allowance state can emerge.  A focused allowance, if you will.  The yin and yang, as if you are holding onto a rubber cord and you pull it and release it and pull it and release it, so that it can begin a vibrational exercise, and in this way it begins a vibration.  And that vibrational pattern then can exist on the frequency of vision.  You are merely seeking to elevate onto the vibration of light,  and in that vibration is where the visual state exists. So, as you are on the train, you are allowing yourself to witness visual images that will become moving pictures in your mind’s eye.

Allow the flow with a deep attention to focus.  And as you are seeing the images, feel into them.  Cultivate a feeling state for what they are emitting.  Because you are strong in feeling states, you will be able to grab onto a greater connection of visuals through a feeling state.  If you are seeing the ocean that we send you now, feel the ocean breeze on the shore and feel the warmth of the water and of the sun as it moves into you.  In this feeling state, your connection to the visual state expands.  And you have, thus, widened the rubber band, and it is now more elastic. And in that state of elasticity, it can then vibrate at a higher frequency to allow more in.

We have given you much information.  We have asked you to gain a desire and state that desire.  We have said that you must enter onto that visual train by allowing the flow and focusing on having those visuals.  We’ve expressed that you must move yourself into feeling the visuals, not just seeing them in order to sharpen your skills.  Now, does this make sense to you? Are you seeing how this ties together with your current abilities in the sensing state?  For they are not separate innate abilities.  They are tied together, as a string is connected to the kite. One works with the other and neither can attain flight without the other.

And it is flight you want, so now that you have been mastering the sensing, you are now ready to ask for the mastering of the visuals.  And once you have attained mastery of each, the soaring into the greatest power of yourself truly begins.  For the knowing and seeing becomes the catalyst for great magic to occur.  Frank and you are the symbols of that which you seek to experience within yourself.  He is the seer.  You are the feeler.  The two of you combined are like the sun and moon, and that is a beautiful combination, is it not? And you can copy and paste onto your own self the feeling of wonder that you get when he shares with you the quickness of sight that he is given in circumstances.  You have envy for that sight.  So, you may now move that desire into you without being envious of his skills.  Be appreciative of his gifts and invite them into you with greater speed and clarity and frequency.  For you already have the gift of sight. You have seen us. You have seen others. You see clearly the light of Source in your dream state. And you often see visuals when you are treating others.  It is simply that you are desiring greater cultivation of this gift.

And, so, it may be, as you follow the prescription we have given.  Be the passenger moving onto the platform of sight and enjoy the ride you are on.


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