Soul Communication from my transitioning mother

For the past year, my Shara spiritual guidance of non-physical higher consciousness has provided me written messages about my mother’s preparedness for transitioning out of her physical body.  Additionally, I lived with my mother for nearly 4 weeks at the end of her life to help her transition peacefully, which occurred June 14, 2018.  During the final week of her life while her physical body was beginning to move into a state of coma, I was able to connect into mom’s Soul Essence.  I have gained this ability by studying three years with the divine intelligence of the non-physical collective consciousness of the Angelic Realm, known as Geschichte, as channeled through Angelique Moselle Robbins (  As I connected with my mother’s Soul, I felt divine messages being given directly to me, which I then transcribed on a computer with my eyes closed.  Following are my mother’s Soul messages to my family.   And following mom’s messages are the divinely-sent automatic writings about mom’s transition that I received from Shara beginning in 2017.



Louise: Mom’s spirit, do you have any messages for my sisters and me as you prepare to transition this week?

Mom:  I am not dying in the sense that you interpret. Remember that, and remember it well. Take note of how I feel as you move into my consciousness. It feels large and expansive. This is the truth of my existence furthermore and has been the truth of me forever. I am no longer callous, am no longer afraid, am no longer timid of living the life of fullness. I believe I harbored the resentment in order to teach myself not to look back and to tether to that which I deemed to be unworthy of me. I fought too hard to erase the past rather than embracing it. For that, I have regrets. But I hold no resentments now for the pettiness of it all. And the withering of my body was a shame, as well, and it took neglect on my part in order to feel my way back into the richness of who I am. And I appreciate the nurturing that you all are giving me. It is deepening my level of wisdom again, because I am more strongly connected to my true self and this lifeline is bringing me into greater peace. And the prosperity I am feeling has begun in a heartfelt manner. Do not mourn my crossing but rejoice in my awakening to the newness that abounds for me here. I will rest easy knowing you are well tended to with those you all love and admire and trust. Be the light that I wasn’t or couldn’t be. Be the truth of patience and mortal forgivenesses, and harbor in the love that I have for my sisterhood of women who have been my soul companions. Be not left in darkness when I leave you. But let me pave the way for brighter connection to your own divine beingness. For I can lead you if you allow it. I know now how I am to do that, and it is up to each one of you to find your channel for connectivity to me if you so desire it. And I know you, sweet girl, will work hard at that connection because you are instilled with that same grand adventure I once was. As for the others, I do not know of their deepened desire to be with me in this other existence. It is my hope they will wish to share it, but that is for their soul and their beingness to determine in their own good time. But know this: the trees will call to you, and they are here for you as a reminder of me. For they have greater strength and durability and wisdom than the flowers I loved in this garden of life. The tree is the hearty soul, and its wisdom is more powerful, so seek it out. Choose the species of your desire and move into it as you move into me, and ask it to shelter you during the storms of life. And know that my physical body can be represented through the trees, with its roots and its thorns of bark that cover it and protect it and shield it from harm. Be the outgrowth of its new lineage and allow it to help you advance in ways that I could not because of my fear and regrets. Be the branch and extend it like the olive branch to all who scorn you or disdain you or hurt you. Hold back not from extending the branch of love to everyone you meet. That is what I did not tend to in human form, as I tended to my garden instead. So, be of the people, for the people and nurture them, so they may nurture you, and you will create a grove of protection and a forest of love. And this is the legacy for each of you. Be the love. Shine the light and grow in robust ways in the richness of the soil that is you. Let it rain and let it shine and know it matters not. It is all good, and it is all of me, for I am a mutual part of this all, as are you and all of you.



Louise: Connecting to Shara and to Mom, do you have any message today for Mom’s transition?

Beautiful girls, know this is me in my true form as I ascend to the higher elevations of existence in my purest essence of love. I am drawn here for reasons that are known to me and shadowed by you, because my time was not yet unearthed on this earth as it could have been, but I was drawn home for a higher calling now. And in the days ahead you will hear me calling to you all with mystical wonder in the night dreams of yours. So be awake to hear the message of truth that I give you of my love and forever tenderness on your souls. My body withers, and there is sadness in you as you ponder the pains of it all, but know this: that I am well, and I am alive in the tender joy that is being brought to me now. And I am seeing the witness of the visions I brought to you to in the visions of the wonder of it all, as we discussed this life-after-life excursion that we all are on.  Go and rest, knowing that you have tended my small body and loving mind with care adorned with flowers and petals as a crown. And in this state you will leave me knowing I am tending to other aspects of a higher life now, as I tended to the gardens. So, this is my message: that you love one another as the sisterhood you are, and you will allow each of you to rise up and live in fullness and feel tended to and safe, though I am no longer near. You need me no longer, and I need you no longer also, for that is how this works in this phase of the journey. Let go as I am letting go. Know I am well, and do not dwell in the past memories of me but instead begin envisioning me in this new and lighter way. This will make your joy for me stronger and will connect you to me in higher ways by feeling the new existence of me, and feel the magic of that. Robe yourself in my energy and feel the spirit of me as it fills you in your body and mind and soul. And never doubt that there is the trueness of my existence close at hand for we are never far away from our loved ones. Do not veil me with your doubt and bleak outlook of loss or with your busied and hurried livelihood. Instead, reflect with me in silence and ask to have openings in your heart, so I may seep through bit by bit until you have achieved a pattern of connection that brings me into you and you into me. This is the next step of your learning. For you all may witness me in this new way, but it is a task that is not easy for some, because it takes courage to extend up and find loved ones who are transitioned souls. Many are fearful, but I know you are all brave like the winds that keep the tree in its rooted core. You know there is symmetry in the balance of nature, and that it is possible to blow strong yet also nurture that which needs to stand tall and straight. Be the tree of strength. Let it not wither and falter. I am rooted here in a new place but am still rooted deep within your existence. For that is the soil we planted eons ago in this web of life.  This is the pattern that shows me itself now. A new thread, a new web, a new root system that harbors greater love and sturdiness than I could give myself and others. I am free, and the joy of it is bearing fruit within me already. A new life emerging from the ashes. Be in that with me and know you are loved further more and forever more. Amen.


Louise: Mom, what message would you like to share?

Mom’s soul essence:  Know this:  That as my time approaches in this entrenched earth state, I will be lighter than the air you breathe and more focused on my journey ahead than what laid behind me in the tethers to earthly plane in which I dwelled. I am fine, no matter what anyone says otherwise, and my body feels no pain in its previous existence. I harbor no ills towards those who fought against my heart, and I have no ill bearing for anyone who I didn’t love to the fullest extent possible. I hold them all in the highest regard and press upon them mightily with my solid love. I am awaiting this next passage. It is veiled fully from me now, so that I see just glimpses of what is to be and who I am to become in my remembered and awakened state. I have tethers to you all and to this new plane of existence. It is the limbo of which is spoken, but it is not of the earthly tone of dissension and fret. It is a pleasant ride with the others who wait with me and for me, and they have journeyed far from their actionable items and energies to comfort me in this crossing.  I am pleased to share my love fully now and hold you all so dear in my heart as I reflect upon the wonderment of the motherhood and wife life and the crossing into the grandmother who I became and nourished myself in.  I fear that you are weary from this travel, but know this:  I feel the heartbeat of you all near and it comforts. Every step with you all is a step closer to my truest form. And I am not alone without you, though I am letting go of that which had bound me to this deepened soil of the rocky earth. I am pleasured most greatly by the love that had been tended to towards me, and it is like the vines from the roots as they grow and extend with each passing day of my departing presence. I feel the vines of love and longing in the knowing that I am well-tended to. Allow others on my path to know that I am well, that I could never be anything but well, for that is all there is in this life and in the one in which I am heaven-sent towards now. I have no fear, nor did I ever, for what this phase is bringing unto me. It brings light, brighter than you can imagine in your starry eyes. And it brings healing in the deepest crooks of my being, so that it has straightened my soul for the next mixture of the good from above and the imperfections of below. For this becomes the concoction of all of our lives: to feel the heavenly rush of exerted love upon us and to know that the denseness of earth was a journey of purification, so that we could see ourselves in the wholeness and feel the essence of that which we continue to create within ourselves. We are pitying those who do not understand this mystical life excursion, because they miss out on the magical expansion of who they are. But there is no judgment of their path, for it is theirs in their choosing. I have chosen well to be in this new grounded space, in this sphere of love, where there is light and rays of sun robed in knowledge and freedom. It is here I will dwell while I wait to view upon the others who are part of me in this essence of all that is.  Be weary of nothing and free to all that excites you in your passion.  A mission is called upon you to prepare you, and you must share this journey of ours, as it has the magical nature of star dust and light rays of the truest divine.  It is here you will feel the calling of your next path. And I have been asked to guide you, so I will, as you wait in the dark silence for the feeling state of the grandiose nature of ourselves.  We will be combined into the ethers, and from this space you will feel more intrinsically that which is of you. For we all are of you, and you can merely touch the fabric of it and feel its divine broadness. Reach for it when you are ready and able. It will scorn only those who fear it, and they will cower in doubt and outrage at the thought of being all of this. But for those of you who see and understand truth, you will radiate on earth as we do in the heavens of space.  It is here now. Wait just a moment longer for my parting. I have meaningful essence of life that is finding its way out of me now. It is truth, singing loudly and in the free expression of itself. It is running the race. It is winning in the life game that is meant to be played out in the stands of life. The crowd is no more. It is only me, and I am settled in for the duration of this episodic journey. And I witness it with a heavy heart of comfort, knowing that I am tending well to all that which I did not feed before. I am in comfort now.  You be in comfort, too, and live your life majestically for all to see and hear and feel.  That is your legacy, and I leave you now with unencumbered love and warmth.




Louise:  I am connecting in to the spirit of my mother – Mary.  Is she ready to transition?

MESSENGER: be patient with her for her time is approaching soon as she desires.  She is readying herself and she is desiring to leave before the body shuts off with memory loss and sight and sound loss.  There is spirit yet left in her and vestiges of regret of life unlived.  As she sheds that and comes into full acceptance of the beauty of her journey she will be ready to move on into higher elevation of living.  Daughters remain with her now and the letting go of the threads of connection and the need to have her present will help solidify her decision to disembark from this plain and elevate.  You are portraying the loving daughter and that role has served you both well.  Continue to feed her your energy that softens her resolve and allows her to disengage here more quickly.  Continue reminding her she is safe to leave without recourse.  She has done nothing wrong in getting old in age and there is nothing to apologize for in this life.  The forgetting is a readying to remember the truth of her own majesty in the greater sense.


Louise:  I have been enjoying connecting in to hearts and organs as I’ve treated Mom.  Is there anything you can share about these treatments?

Messenger:  Be still and dwell in this space of safekeeping.  Yours is a maze in a tunnel.  You have harbored in the dark, waiting to see the light, but you have not understood that you are the light bearer, and as you venture forth, you yourself will bring the light, and with it comes the magic of the words and messages you seek.  You cannot find the words when you do not venture forward.  It is yours to embrace, this journey.  We are here to assist but we cannot be the leader, as it is not our calling.  You have called us forward through early asking, but we are waiting for your leadership to bring us into greater ascertainment and understanding.  You are now showing the evolution of your gift of insight, and it will continue to broaden at a sweeping pace once the light is shined upon the doorway that that you are opening.  Pathways have been started.  They are rocky now with shards of fear and doubt, but you will erase those as you venture with more steadfast assuredness.  Yours is an exciting time.  Much is awakening within you.  A greater effervescence of what can be foretold.  It will shower upon you now.  Do not doubt its brilliance, as we have said in prior days.  We wait with wonder at what you will unfold.  It is time now for you.  See to it that your mother is heralded by her guided self.  She is ready to depart.  It is not long now.  We watch over her just as you watch over her.  Her flock of guides await at her side nightly.  There is much work yet to do to bring her home.  But the slowing of the body’s aches is increasing the time of disembarkment.  It will be a joyful calling when she arrives with us.  You will use her journey as a new step in your own path of awakening, as she will enter into you and her part in you will impart new knowledge of how to create and sustain higher connection to spirit.  This is your desired path.  We feel it in earnest now as we have not before.  There is less hesitation.  You are friending others in the worlds afar and we caution you to listen with close ears and keen understanding.  You will be given deep information that is of utmost precious treatment.  Do not take it lightly what this gift of knowledge means.  It is a privilege to be provided this glimpse into other world life.  Yours is a special journey to this understanding.  Be humble in the learning.  And be accurate in the prose you write, as each word has deep energetic patterns and can lift or lower your own vibrational center.  We encourage you to write with deep deliberation and then to review the messages carefully each day.  They will attune you more aptly to the future messages you receive so that you may be a more divined conduit.  It is an exciting experiment for you to have volunteered to undertake.  We watch you closely to ensure you are fed with the absorbing energy needed to take on the magnitude of this higher energy field.  It is not for those light in spirit.  It can be costly to health if it is not charged through a body such as yours that is programmed to receive abundance of energetic flow.  Remain true to your daily practice of qi gong and energy absorption and conservation.  Sleep well and sleep tight and hold onto the dream state, as much information is coming to you even now in this newfound pathway of sleep state.  We are watching and beholding you.  It is a time of renewal and rebirth in the Louise who wishes to deepen herself.  We feel you and know the fear is lessened.  We honor you for the work you have done.  And so it is.

May 17, 2018

Louise:            Shara, do you have any message for me from my mother as she is transitioning?

Shara:              We do, and it is a pivotal time for her journey from this incarnation as you feel the connection in the visceral way that is the pure energy of source. We feel the pleasure of her life on you now in greater ways than you have experienced before. It is a turbulent journey from one extreme measure of reality to the next and back again. There is a harshness that occurs in the breaking free of the bonds of the physical denseness which is known by you. In this manner, there is a measure of testing that occurs in the soul as it pushes to release out of this existential denseness into the power of the force of light that is. In this manner, she has been diligently pursuing this expansiveness, but the journey has been slow and ill at ease, for the fear that wrapped her heart for the regret and loss that she witnessed in life and love.  In this way, she is now in a major place of expansion, and aspects of her remain here with Us now in greater proportion, as you see the glimmer of what is remaining in the softest form only.  The light within her dims for you as you witness the physicality, but know that it shines most brightly and with such great honor and wisdom for those of Us who are clinging together with her as she rises from the ashes of the pale ending. We honor her as a mother and daughter and sister and brother and Being of Oneness with all.  She has little fear left, little resistance for the force of the tsumani you felt lifted her as a wave over the coarse sands of the land and charged down upon her to release her.  We feel your pleasure in knowing that time is now measured by the purpose of love and no longer by the purpose of waiting and pleading for the ending to arrive.  Ride this wave with her as you have continued to do. She feels the pleasure of it and is most grateful and gratified that you now witness her supreme power, her supreme beauty, her supreme tolerance, her supreme wisdom. She is no longer the lower mother who is to be taken care of, the one you nurtured with ill-will at times. She is far greater than your smallness here can imagine, but you are blessed to be witnessing just the tiniest fraction of who she is in the existence of Us. We nurture you in your pain of loss.  We feel the thread of connection that divides you now between light and dark. It will be a road of pain for the travels you will face in the losing of her spirit here. But trust Us as we call on you to remain firm in the conviction that she is greater with you now, and she embraces the totality of you in a way that will enrich your physical and spiritual journey, and you will be a greater force of good, reckoning with that which has seemed ill-equipped for you to master. But her devotion to your journey for healthy living and well-rounded richness of purpose will continue to create a platform for you to shine with effervescent harmony upon others. She has been your teacher for this many times in life to ground you early to the teaching of Us and the knowledge of your power and magnificence. We are splendidly pleased with this ending to this phase of the journey now. Go in peace and prosper with the family, knowing that you are lifting a loved one to the place amongst most high, where she reigns in tender compensation for the love of all and the wonderment of that which is here for her and all of Us now.

May 26, 2018

Louise: Shara, I would like to connect in with my mother’s soul essence and have her communicate to me.  Can you help me translate my mother’s energy and any message from her heart to me?

Shara: The time is now. We feel the ending is here for this physical lust of life, and in it she absorbs increasingly more of the Self of Us which shelters her on her passage towards the nearness of the ecstasy of the new beginning and the reality of the All. This is her chosen time, and she is most pleased that you and the others who love her have accompanied her this far. It is not a time for the mourning or weeping but for the rejoicing, as we feel her presence emerging whole and true. She is shepherded on her way by the loved ones she lost, and even now she feels the fragments of them in her dreamscope, which is layers upon layers of memories of then, and of the newness that awaits her.  She is reckless in her desire to stay grounded, for it is not what she truly desires, but she has known no other way, so this has created the turbulence that she has felt rather than the ability to let go and smooth along with graceful ease. But that time has come and you sense it in her also as you feel the breath upon her skin and see the softness in her face. She is relaxing into the newness of what is being entreated to her in this grand homecoming. Her fear has departed, as you all have lost that cling to her physical presence amongst you.  Hers is a voyage that she has witnessed for others and has experienced for herself above many times, so it is not an unfamiliar journey anymore. She is remembering the home that calls forth to her. We let her light shine on us and feel its radiance and its magnificence in spirit. You, too, feel the fullness of her heart, and you breathe it in, and it captures the essence of her full truth, the woman, the person you have desired for her to be.  Allow her the stillness of time and the quiet of these days to move into that peaceful slumber on her own. It is her way of saying goodbye, without fanfair and without remorse, but with a gentle flowing into what is hers to treasure alone. Be kind unto yourself as you allow her to fall away towards the new beginning. Let your love for her reign strong and true in your hearts, knowing she will be present in that space for her to come and is available at your calling.  The struggle is no more. The sacrifice for others is done. This is her time and hers alone now. It is good and it is done.

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