About Louise and Shara

I have been blessed, since having a transformative mystical experience in 2007,  to come into the initial understanding of my capability as a written channeler.  It is a gift that has been bestowed upon me, I believe at my inner urging and with my inner, spiritual willingness.  It is a profound journey, and I hope that it will continue to unfold in an even more dramatic fashion in coming years and decades.

I want to share the story of how I came to meet Shara, non-physical collective guides. I vascillate between using the word Angel, Higher Self, God, Non-physical Entity. I have come to know that it all is the same meaning behind the word. My understanding is that Shara is a group of beings in non-physical form. I feel the presence of them in different forms when I am in the experience of the automatic writings. On some occasions, Shara takes on a more masculine energy adaptation, and on other occasions there is more feminine energy. Also, in some circumstances, it feels as though the messengers are group-focused, whereas in other times it feels singular.

Their personality amuses me. I read the transcriptions that I’ve taken on the laptop and will see that they joke with me; they find themselves to be highly knowledgeable; they sometimes scold me lovingly; and they certainly view themselves as mentors to me and to humans who are willing to listen.   They feel parental or counselor-like in how they approach me, as a student of learning.

As for the process of the automatic writings, it takes this form: I find a quiet time of reflection, having experienced a meditation at some point during the day. Sometimes I feel completely compelled to sit in front of the laptop screen, but on other occasions I’m not at all feeling mandated to do so but instead have a simple desire. I have no pre-conceived ideas of what I will transcribe, or even if I will be able to do so. In fact, most of the times before I start the process I wonder if there will be any messages that come to me. But they always do come. And for that, I am grateful.

I sit either in a chair or on a bed with the laptop in front of me. I close my eyes and consciously state that I am inviting Shara to be present. I think look at the screen and type a question. I then began feeling an answer that is coming to me. It sometimes appears as actual words as though they are in front of me. Or, it is the feeling of the message that I hear at a subconscious level. I have on at least one occasion heard a voice, but that has not been commonplace, though it would be nice if it were so, as I think the voice would reassure me of the reality of the situation. For sometimes it feels quite unreal, as though perhaps I’m making it up. But, at my core, I know that is not the case. The words that I feel coming to me are not of me. And I don’t know what the messages will be. The words come quickly, and I have trouble keeping up with them with my typing, so I’m so focused on the typing that I don’t really know what the words are saying. I hear the words in my brain but don’t know where they are leading. And as I write them, every now and then I sense the humor or the logic or interesting word dynamics and I am impressed. I think that Shara is clever, and I appreciate the cleverness.

During the transcription, there is never a moment of pause or hesitation in the messages. The words flow smoothly, without correction. I compare it to when I am writing on my own, I will think about a phrase and wonder if it sounds on point. I may go back and change a word or sentence, or I will pause and think about the next message I want to deliver. That is not the Shara situation. It’s as though the message has been pre-recorded and is already in its final form, and I am merely the transcriptionist of a finished piece of work. But when Shara is done with a single topic, the message stops abruptly. It then is up to me to think of another question.

The following is the first experience I had with Shara, in 2007. The writing explains what the vision experience was like as it occurred. When it was over, 60 minutes later, I immediately went to my blackberry phone and began typing a message that began, “Her name is Shara.” That message began as my own words, but it morphed into a message directly from Shara, and I heard the feminine voice speaking directly to me, as though my vision experience was continuing. It ended when my husband, Frank, called on that blackberry phone, so I answered to tell him about the miraculous experience I had. After speaking with him, I gathered spiritual books from my home’s library shelves of books, and I sat at my laptop and wrote 20 papers of manuscript that explained the entirety of the vision experience and experiences leading up to it. What I’ve included here is an excerpt of those 20 pages of writing.

I hope you feel empowered and loved by the writings of Shara. May you use these understandings to help you progress on your spiritual journey with peace, joy and love. Shara tells us that the journey is the destination, and that it is a journey unfolding by us, for us, and for our pure enjoyment. And Shara leaves us with the message that All Is Well, In All Ways, Always.

Meeting Shara:

It was a Saturday evening in February 2007. My children were with their dad, Frank’s boys were with their mom and Frank was out of town. I had spent a joyful day on my own, taking a long jog and feeling comfort in the present moment. I watched a beautiful, spiritually-uplifting movie, the Celestine Prophecy. Immediately after the movie and I’d brushed my teeth, I turned off the tv, turned off the lights and got in bed. As soon as I looked at the clock, which read 9:40 p.m. and turned off the light, I repeated, several times, “Thank you for the beautiful blessing of this day.” Instantly I began feeling It. The vibration. The energy. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  The energy was in my toes, my feet, my calves, in my stomach, my chest, surrounding my face and throughout my arms. My body was stiff, feeling instantly mummified, and I sensed I was not my same self. Something was happening to me, within me, for me. I was awake, alert and yet dreamily at rest. The vibration continued. I was gone from the reality that just was. The energy in the blackness of the room began speaking. I was hearing and experiencing feelings, sounds, unsure what they were but feeling inundated with all that is. I knew it was a spiritual message. I was afraid but also profoundly at ease. I was scared it was going to go away, and I kept telling it to stay. The collective voice was telling me to not be afraid. “You are ready. The time is now. We have been waiting for you. We are glad you are here.”

I was seeing images from my past like clips from a movie reel, and images from the collective past of our humanity, with people I didn’t know. All the while, I was sensing a oneness and sensing a heat. My body couldn’t move, didn’t want to move. I couldn’t hear or feel myself breathing. I could almost hear the energy vibrating. I was aware of colors, yet everything was still black. My eyes were closed. Then I heard shuffling in my bathroom and closet. It had been windy and raining outside so I thought maybe it was that. And I was frustrated, because I thought it might take away, or scare away, this emotion and feeling. Like it would be zapped away and I would be awake and alone in the room. But instead the noises served to make me open my eyes. So, with eyes wide open, I viewed the ceiling. It was still black in the room but I could see the brown wooden bedposts and see the lights from outside the bay windows in my sitting room. But I was still having the energy experience. I was part of it. I then was seeing two women. One was an Indian and older, a dark haired woman. I also was experiencing a stronger sensation of a woman with long flowing, thick wavy blond hair. Pale skin, beautiful soft eyes. There was a beautiful pale yet bright white and yellow aura around her being. She emanated goodness and light. Then she started talking. I was asking questions in my mind. “Why are you here? What is going on?” And I saw the answers being written in front of my eyes, appearing as quickly as the questions formed in my brain? “We’ve been waiting on you,” the consciousness said. “Since you were a child. All of your experiences have led you to this.”

And I saw, as though on a movie screen, myself when I was a child in my mother’s library where she and I studied the Rosicrucian Order manuscripts in the glow of candlelight. She gently said, “I am your spiritual guide. I have always been here for you. I am ego. I am light. I am you. I am all that is.” I clearly saw in written text in the space in front of me the word Shara. And I knew it was her name. She continued with her loving messages.  “I am here for you. We are all here for you. You are chosen. We all are chosen. Your time is now.” I was being channeled with images of universal consciousness, expressing as things and places and people. I saw spiritual leaders. I saw Keith, the acupuncturist. He was of importance. I saw the word tangren very vividly in my mind. I thought it was a place or a person. Only later did I make the connection that it was Tong Ren therapy. I was led to understand there was an important message I needed from that experience. I was vascilating between being scared of the experience and being drawn to it. The voice kept telling me to not be afraid.

She said I would write a book, and that I needed to trust my faith.  I was given messages that I had purposes to serve and words to be written. Shara announced that she and others would be here for me. She said I needed to pray and meditate. She showed me that I needed to read books on spiritual discernment and awakening. Absorbing anything and everything in the area of spiritual understanding, I needed to educate.

The energy stayed with me. It was palpable. I was asking questions about the universe. I was being told that it was all that is and ever was. The universe is the one overarching energy that is love. It surrounds us, enfolds us, treats us with harmony and harmoniously watches over us. It penetrates our being, and we are touched by the magnificence of it all. I was shown glimpses of the cosmic experience -from my black ceiling with my eyes pierced open and my body lying in complete and utter stillness, I was taken into the realm of the cosmos. As unbelievable as it sounds, I was there in that blackness, with myriad points of light invoking energy around and through me. Complete black but a softness, no fear. I could see the energy vibrating in patterns, like images on an electrocardiogram on a hospital patient, rhythmically flowing up and down, in and out. I was then given the opportunity to fly within the universe as an out-of-body astral experience.  I was flying on a stream of black energy that was filled with the power of all that is. It is just like white energy, only in higher vibration form. I was being led on the back of this energy form and became in the moment part of the oneness with all that is. The experience was electrifying and calming at the same time. I felt the energy in my body heating up as the entire experience took hold. I had no concept of time or place, except being vividly and acutely aware that I was in my bed and that this experience was occurring. I was not dreaming but I was not in a normal state of being. I was being transformed. She said I would never be the same.

I was given messages of and saw visions regarding my family, with an emphasis on Grayton. Shara said Grayton was aware that I was having this experience right now. He was glad of it, relieved. His soul was connecting with mine and I was told that he had taken on the pain of my emotions. His Tourettes was not of his own emotion. He was bearing my burden. All these years I thought I was here to heal him. But he was here to heal me, to give me access to all I need for my journey. I was told that he would be healed now, that his true self could re-claim itself. I would be at peace with him. I was told that I needed to learn to love unconditionally and not try to teach him lessons or discipline by taking love away from him as a punishment. I was instead to give love endlessly and without recourse. I could learn how to distract his attention to other things instead of fussing at him if he doesn’t stay the course that I want him on. Don’t argue or yell or fight him. Distract him and love him. Shara repeated, “He is healed. He is healthy.” I was scared when I heard the message, because I wondered if this was all true, and I wanted it so deeply to be true.  I was told by Shara to have faith and let time heal the intense burden Grayton has willingly carried for me.

There were other personal messages given to me about my daughter, my sister, mother and my two stepchildren. And, Shara said Frank and I are to do many things together. There are trips -to heal people, to learn spirituality. We are working together -on what exactly, I do not know.

I was shown books on spiritual awakenings and visions of spiritual leaders. The energy kept flowing through me, vibrating at a frequency that was exhilarating and yet stupefying. How was this happening to me? How could I take it all in? But the voices kept saying to not be afraid.

I didn’t want her to leave, I wanted the feeling of euphoria to remain. At times I would sense it fading upward and away and I would will the vibration back to me, to encompass and enfold me. I wasn’t ready, not yet. She kept repeating that I must not forget, must not forget, must not forget.

She said that now that the weight of the world and the weight of my body is off of me, I would shed all the physical weight easily and would never have a weight or body self-image issue again. It was all symbolic and I now had much room internally in my soul to begin craving other things, other non-worldly things that would nourish my being. But I was told that I would have all that I envisioned from a material wealth standpoint. A clear channel of energy will flow from me, new ideas and I will listen closely to the intuitive nature of my being and write the messages that are provided. I will write them and wait for instruction.

The heat in my back was intense, almost painful. It was the energy of this experience. It was enveloping me, every muscle and nerve and blood vessel. I could still hear noises from the house, the wind, the cats, I could still feel the essence of my hands and arms but they had not moved the slightest amount since the experience occurred. I was still a mummy. The vibrational flow was ebbing and flowing. I craved it but wanted to see if it would leave. I asked her how she would return, when she would return. I was given comfort and assurances that I was not, was never and will never be alone. They are always here. Towards the end of the experience, I was in the cosmos again. I had an incredible vision. It was the blackness of all that is, and then it began transforming into images of faces of men and women of all races and ages. I felt that the image ultimately was of Jesus, but it kept morphing into other faces. The unity of oneness. I then saw a skeleton face that represented evil. But I was assured that evil does not exist and hatred is not real. It is just an absence of the remembering of God energy.

In a moment’s time, I had a deep sucking in of air. My first breath, or so it felt. It was loud. I felt it, heard it, didn’t want it. It brought me back to this reality. I couldn’t remember breathing during the experience itself. But now I was breathing -clearly, deeply and slowly. One long breath after the other. It was a sobering reality that my experience was lessening, that it was declining back into what is. Going wherever it goes. I knew it, and yet there was nothing I could do to stop it. But then I had one final experience. A dramatic one. As I laid in the bed, my eyes open and clearly seeing, I saw and felt a black vortex-like energy hovering around me, like a funnel coming from the ceiling down towards me. But it looked like a web with squared boxes and it was a different black color than the rest of the blackness surrounding me. It wasn’t large, just a few feet in diameter. But it was intense and I was captivated by it. I wanted it drawn near to me. As it came down it hovered over my head. I was staring up into it and I thought it was going to penetrate down into my head and into my being. I wanted it to. I wanted that union. But instead it stayed over me and I was told that it was representative of the energy of everything that is, and that we all are connected intricately to one another for all time -a web of energy, in flight and in flux as we evolve towards our greater Oneness. And then, it circled backwards and away, back to its original source, growing smaller and denser like a tornado in the distant. But not thunderous or boisterous or threatening -just energy leaving a space that it once harbored in. It left the ceiling and I was alone. Warm and alone. Breathing and alone. Awake and alive and not knowing what to do next. So I just laid there and took in the experience. The after-experience. Reluctant to move my inert body but now sensing more firmly my actual body. It was heavy, dense. I had an itch on my face. My hands were numb. My head was groggy. My chest hurt from heat and from emotion. It continued to hurt many hours later. I was in a delirium state -going from moment to moment wondering if it was all real and knowing that it was.

I slowly moved my body. It felt normal but the energy was still alive, still ever-present, especially in my arms and on my chest. With the flick of a light switch, I looked at the clock. 10:40 p.m. -1hour and 16 minutes later. How was it possible that I had not moved my body in that time of consciousness? Where had that time span gone? Where was Shara? How could I possibly explain it all?

I went from my bed to find my blackberry phone and began writing notes about the experience.  It was then that I heard the messages coming directly to me from Shara as a I wrote.

There’s nothing that can truly prepare you for an experience that is so far outside the realm of what you’ve ever felt is real or even possible. This angelic group of beings – these spiritual guides, my Higher Divine Self, or any other way of naming these messengers – brought a decisive number of messages to me on that life-changing night.

Here is First communication with Shara on February 24, 2007, This was an automatic writing immediately following the vision communication. It was the voice of Shara that began speaking in these words.  When I began writing, I was writing in my words speaking of the experience, using “She to refer to Shara.”  But quickly I felt a vibrational shift and it was Shara giving the words and I was simply transcribing.

Shara.  Her name is Shara. She is my spiritual guide. She has awaited me for a lifetime. She is my ego. She is my soul. She is my heart. She is God. We are God. We are one, as the book says. As the spiritual leaders say. We are journeying now, through the ages, to a new beginning, a new light surrounding us. We are safe. We are safe. Come join us now in this wonderful venture. The way of adventure, as never experienced before here on earth. They will lead us if we are ready, when we are able. They are guiding our hopes,

Write, educate, learn –

I will come to you during periods between wake and sleep. Meditate, pray, church. Seek me. My weight issues are over -it was symbolic of weight of the world, weight of fear, weight of doubt, weight of unknown, weight of unlove. It has been shed, the burden is gone and I am now unencumbered by the issues surrounding my weight. I am now free as a feather to invest my spiritual goods on tasks of great meaning. I can be selective in my process for healing others. I can do it through faith in myself and by writing the vision that I see for us and mankind. I am not to be afraid of this awesome responsibility, for I have been selected as a chosen knower. I will find guides a plenty along the way. Guides who see my energy and seek me out to mentor me on this quest for goodness. 1 need to seek them out wholeheartedly, for without them I May falter out of fear and self doubt. The Rosicrucians have many answers and have held keys for me since childhood. I just forget them over time as I was learning to learn about myself and face challenges that have given me strength and hope. My children’s journey of neglect is ending and with it comes a new vibration that will lead exceedingly to good fortune and wishes abounding. Gray is through with his suffering. He is released, as my pain and doubt are being eased. He held the burden for me to carry the weight for me. He is glad it is over, and his light will shine more radiantly, more lovingly now as his true self emerges whole and free. We are one, he and – I,a tightly woven bond of mother and son unlike no other, worthy unto itself in all its majesty. It is a triumph, as I have envisioned from the beginning. Some will call it miraculous. You will call it simply energy at work, healing all that is, all that was, all that is to come. Seek Neale Donald Walsh and tell him you are ready. He will guide you on the next path. He is a soul companion, as are so many other enlightened ones before you. They have prepared robes for you, robes of understanding so the mediocrity of your existence can be made null and void. It serves little purpose now, for you are fulfilled with a knowing that cannot be fully explained, but must be shared with others in need. They will seek your shelter. They will feed from your soul, and all will be revealed in time and flow forth with abundance. Do not be afraid. The time is at hand and you are surrounded by love, you are encased in goodness of exorbitant measure, as it should be. You are not alone. The universe has filled its space for you and you shall attract like kinds as you have never dreamed. But you have dreamed them. For so many years you have waited to be part of something that is more than this. This is the weight that has limited you. The wait is over. Seek abundance and it shall find you in due course, multitudes upon multitudes. Become the vessel that lets others tread upon you as they find their shore of safety and enlightenment. Do not doubt your brilliance -a magnificence that is beholden only unto you, as is every person’s beautiful right. They each will experience it in their time. Let the glow of your inner beauty give rise to faith in them so they May radiate unto themselves with their own magnitude.

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