Louise Grant Bio

Intuitive Healing Integration, Reiki, Qi Gong

Louise Grant is a healer, intuitive, speaker and author.

As a Life Energy Healer, Louise offers a powerful Intuitive Healing Integration linking her into the angelic realm, along with Master-Level Reiki and Mystical Pangu Shengong Qi Gong.  Louise has spent more than 350 hours in direct energetic healing  and soul integration training with the non-physical angelic realm named Geschichte, as channeled through Nashvillian Angel Robbins.  Additionally, she spends more than 500 hours annually practicing ancient Chinese energetic life force Qi Gong, originally taught by Chinese Master Owen Wei (www.pangu.org).  Through the cultivated strength of her life force energy, she is able to absorb and transform pain, both physical and emotional, within her clients.

In her sessions, Louise uses Chakra opening and alignment, and also offers soul massage to open acupressure points in the head, hands and feet, so that client experience the greatest receptivity to healing.

She has cultivated the ability to heal clients from a distance and offers both in-person and distance healing sessions.  Trained as a Quantum Touch energy practitioner, Louise also is a nationally-certified trainer of a Law of Attraction program called Infinite Possibilities, taught by spiritual leader/author Mike Dooley.  She also works as a professional partner with a Nashville clairaudient healer in clearing low-vibrational energetic dynamics/residuals/ghosts from land and homes.

Louise is a Dream Recall expert and can work with clients to awaken with them mystical dream recall which involves the ability to vividly feel the energy and clarity of large quantities of dreams that can become integrated into the waking life, as well as lucid dreaming and astral projection.  Louise works with her own spiritual guidance, Shara (www.messagesfromshara.wordpress.com) to intuit needs that her clients have in order to break through emotional blockages in their lives.

Louise’s energy practice is located in her private studio in Nashville.  Healing sessions include an initial personal counseling/discovery session, chakra opening/alignment, healing of the physical organs, healing of the three primary energy centers, with optional work in the spiritual energetic layers and soul massage.

Louise has spent more than 10 years working with women who are incarcerated or struggling with addiction, serving as a personal mentor, spiritual Infinite Possibilities coach and Healing Writing instructor.  She founded the nonprofit art therapy DreamWeave, which combined art therapy and entrepreneurship for these women.  Previously, she served 30 years in corporate America as a marketing and communications executive.  She has published original curriculum based on healing through writing.

Email:    louisegrant1@gmail.com to inquire about a session for your healing journey.